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School photography across Dorset, Hampshire, Surrey, Somerset, Avon, Gloucestershire, Devon, Cornwall, Sussex, Berkshire, London, Wirral and Wiltshire. Studio photography in Poole, Bournemouth, Dorset

There is so much to review on our new website and we at Fraser portraits very much hope that you'll find something that will interest your school and parents.

"We are different because every school is different"

Fraser Portraits offer a full range of innovative school based photographic services including class photographs, and year group pictures, school individual picture database photography, sports and team pictures and so much more, across the South of England including Dorset, Hampshire, Surrey, Somerset, Avon, Gloucestershire, Devon, Cornwall, Sussex, Berkshire, London, Wirral and Wiltshire.

Please see our separate school brochures for details of our Senior school photography, Primary school pictures, Nursery / Playgroup portraits and Dance school photography on each separate school portraits gallery pages.

Nursery & Playgroup Brochure

School portrait and group photography provides an opportunity to capture special times and moments in a young persons's life. Friendship and cameraderie go hand-in-hand with learning and self discovery - vibrant and compelling subject matter for any kind of photographer.

Primary school brochure

With over 30 years of experience providing school portraits in Bournemouth, Poole, Dorset, Hampshire, Surrey, Somerset, Avon, Gloucestershire, Devon, Cornwall, Sussex, Berkshire, London, Wirral, Wiltshire and other locations across the UK, Fraser Portraits work with enviable efficiency to make the whole experince run smoothly.

Senior School Brochure

It is essential that your chosen school photographer is experienced, professional and able to provide the service you deserve within your specific time restrictions. Speed is nothing without excellence, so as well as working in a timely fashion, Fraser Portraits deliver high quality results on every school assignment undertaken. Our comrehensive range of services includes portraits of individual students, classes, forms and groups. We also supply inspiring images for use in prospectuses and website content, whilst ensuring at all times that children and staff are managed in a sympathetic and professional manner.

Please call or email our Operations Director, Jon Fraser to discuss how best your specific requirements can best be met by our range of products and services.

Telephone  01202  692433                  email Jon here

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

The Fraser Portraits team provides a first-class school portrait and studio photography service for our clients.

School Photography

School Photography

Across Dorset, Hampshire and the southern counties, we provide a friendly and professional service.

Studio Photography

Studio Photography

Portraits at our Dorset studio are a fun, exciting photography experience for the whole family.

Online Sales

Online Sales

Log in to your gallery and you can purchase prints from your shoot, quickly and easily!

About Us

About Us

Fraser Portraits is the leading name for studio photography and school portraits in Dorset and Hampshire. Find out why...

Download our Brochure

Download our Brochure

Discover more about our approach to Dorset Surrey, Wiltshire, Avon, Somerset, Gloucestershire, London,Berkshire, Bristol, Poole, Bournemouth, Devon, Cornwall, Hampshire and Hampshire school and class photography in our brochure.

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