• Contemporary School Portraits

    We can take any style of school portrait whether it is contemporary or traditional.

  • Senior School Group Photographs

    We can take a whole school photograph of any number of students

  • Nursery School Photography

    We have had over 36 years experience with this very young market. See our range of unique products.

  • PR and Marketing Shoots

    We have a wide range of photographic support material for schools to use for marketing purposes.

  • Innovative Class Groups

    You can choose from a wide range of unique designs that no other photographer offers!

  • Prep School Photographs

    We have the most competitive prices for whole school photographs

  • Children are happy being photographed by us!

    Our photographers like to have fun when they work… and the children respond.

  • It’s all about the Regiment

    We can take any size of group. Section pictures right up to full Regiment sized formal groups.

Why choose Fraser Portraits
"We are different because every school is different"

Full range of innovative school based photographic services including class photographs, year group pictures, school individual pictures, sports and team pictures and so much more! Please ask us if you want something different.

Speed is nothing without excellence, so as well as working in a timely fashion, Fraser Portraits deliver high quality results on every school assignment undertaken.

We work nationwide. We undertake school contracts in Dorset, Hampshire, Surrey, Somerset, Avon, Gloucestershire, Devon, Cornwall, Sussex, Kent, Berkshire, London, Lincolnshire, East Anglia, Essex, Wirral, Channel Islands, Bath, Bristol and Wiltshire.
We can visit schools in other areas as well!

We have our very own purpose built photographic staging that can accommodate as many people are required safely, ensuring that each person can be clearly seen in the photograph.

The Fraser Portraits team are trained to take individual portraits in a professional and efficient way very quickly.

We're highly experienced but ready to change and adapt to each of our school's requirements.

With over 36 years of experience undertaking school photography contracts throughout the UK and internationally providing school photography.

Highly trained, Highly skilled, Highly hard working. All staff, whether they are photographers or office staff, are all fully committed to providing our school clients with the very best range of products and services.