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Portrait photography with a new perspective

Studio portrait photography is all about achieving the right look for the right project. Working on location can be immensely enjoyable, but working in the studio provides all the necessary ingredients for delivering a professional and deliberate set of results. Fraser Portraits excels in this area, not least because it is able to avail of its purpose-built portrait photography studio in Dorset.

The secret of our successful studio portrait photography has much to do with the setting; clients who feel at ease in the studio are likely to engage with the camera in a more natural and comfortable manner. Fraser Portraits aims to ensure that clients thoroughly enjoy their portrait photography session.

Offering a range of photographic techniques, styles and solutions, Fraser Portraits supplies a comprehensive Dorset studio photography service to all types of client, including families, babies, children, teenagers, couples and aspiring models. Fashion-oriented portraits in ‘film noir’, ‘model’ and ‘Vogue’ styles are especially popular among female clients.






Fraser Portrait's photographers work both in the Broadstone studio as well as on location around many of Dorset's fantastic locations. The image above was one of many purchased from a Winter shoot on Sandbanks beach near Poole. This unusual angle stil manages to tell us something about this family, even though we can't see any faces!

You need to record the very special moments in your family's life.

A New born baby arriving creates a brand new generation for your family and is definitely 'one of life's' special occasions. Some of the great images of children are when they are under 10 days old. Little Louis shown here was 4 days old when he came in for his shoot! We will be offering a complimentary shoot shortly for all new babies aged under 2 weeks old. See our News page for up to the minute latest deals.

See also the Fraser portraits Baby Club information page for details on how you can have regular images taken in their first 12 months.

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Events for 2013 include...

Child model shoots; Painterly portraits for children; Sportraits; Digital portrait designs; Black and White shoots; Families on location; New born babies; Business portraits; Makeovers for Women & Teenagers






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