Military  Photography

We are a specialist photographic company that undertakes military photographic contracts for training establishments and various regiments. We are able to travel throughout the UK for assignments. Military photography assignments include: large and small official group photographs of Regiments, Squadrons, sections etc using our very own photographic staging. Contact our Operations Director Jon Fraser here to discuss your specific requirements… Email Jon

“It’s all about…”

1. The Regiment

Regimental group pictures

We can take a group photograph containing as many people as are required. The sample above is of approximately 600 personnel. We provide our very own purpose built photographic staging to ensure every person is clearly seen and is photographed in complete safety. We have been undertaking large group military photography for over 37 years and we are well versed in mustering people, arranging them within the group and taking the images. We can provide an image of any sized Regiment or group.

Our prices are very competitive.

We will beat any price from your current photographer as well as maintaining the same service levels.”

Please complete the contact form below and our Operations Director, Jon Fraser, will call to discuss your requirements in far more detail. We can also send you our current military brochure.

2. Staff and Recruits

We are able to take individual photographs of every member of the regiment in a short period of time and supply RHQ with a named image of each person. We can also supply images that are tagged with relevant data for uploading automatically into RHQ staff record data software. We are also able to take formal portraits of staff for official as well as personal use.

Please contact Jon Fraser to discuss your requirements in more detail. email Jon here

Special Groups

Troop, section, mess or any other formal styled group photograph can be taken. All these groups can be styled in any way required as well as being named.

Contact Jon Fraser, Operations Director direct to discuss your requirements by phone on 01202 692433 or by completing our contact form above.

Special Events

Field training, V.I.P visits, Regimental events, Family photography days etc