Nursery Schools

Parents look forward to receiving their child’s Nursery school photographs as they are going to be, probably, the very first professional portrait they will have had taken.



Nursery school children are the most challenging and pleasing to photograph!

Nursery school photographs are so popular with parents that its incumbent of us to ensure we provide great pictures! It is far harder to persuade them to be photographed and you have to very much work with them at their pace. School pictures at this very early age are so important in recording this important milestone as they begin their education.

Our experience taking Nursery school photographs for over 38 years means we can easily recognise when they are agreeable and ready to co-operate. It is a science unto itself and as our photographers work with this age range every week, we feel well placed to get great expressions from these very young clients. Most young children will respond to a friendly face and demeanor and we need to build a very quick relationship with them if we are to get the pictures that parents want.

That is why we encourage our photographers to have fun when working with our very youngest clients… they respond in kind!

We try to visit each Nursery and Playgroup at least twice a year. Spring and summer for more casual and environmental images and the Autumn for the more formal look. Parents view and purchase their child’s images securely online and can choose from digital files; prints; packages; enlargements; posters and gift items.

We aim to take around 6 different poses of every child to give parents a great choice of expressions and personality. We provide every parent with a proof card order form which is delivered back to the nursery with an order form and list of products and prices. Parents can either elect to order online where there is a far greater range of products and we can post orders directly home, or, they can return their proof card back to the nursery and their order is returned via the nursery. Parents can even receive digital files of their child’s images.

We can also provide the nursery with display and PR material for use within the nursery or website. We can provide your school and parents with everything you need. Contact us!

Please ask for our latest brochure. Contact Jon Fraser, Operations Director HERE